FS: Puch Donatello & Puch Princess Honey Bush

Okay, so here is what we are dealing with. Here are two lover mopeds that need to be broken up. One moped is a Puch Donatello, and the other one is a Puch Princess Honey Bush. You are probably familiar with these models.

I know you are like "Shut up, fuckhead. I want to see some action." I agree with you, my crass friend. Here is a picture of the two said lovers:

Now that you are most likely fully aroused, I shall delve into the finer details of this pair.


Donatello is a green moped with lovely purple features here and there. The purple is powder coated and will last longer than you will. When you are merely dust blowing through space, the purple will still be purple. Other stuff: Metra65, 19mm Race Dellorto PHBG (tuned for ripping), Powder coated 19mm intake, K&N filter, High Temp ceramic coated Proma circuit pipe with Simonini baffle (oh my gosh), high comp head, tuned and lightened clutch with the _blue_ springs, wicked seat, gnarly bars, AND MORE!

Like I said, this dude is for ripping, wheelie time. Make the babies cry. I want $969 for this dude. I can deliver it if it is close or you can come get it of course. Also, _BONUS_ I can ship it to you. I have shipped mopeds before and it will arrive unscathed to you. But, you must pay for shipping, YOU MUST YOU MUST.


Cover your eyes, sissies! If you are a cry baby or are worried about the apocalypse, this one probably isn't for you (since it is apocalypse inducing). Princess Honey Bush (which I will refer to simply as "PHB" henceforth) makes your cheeks blow open when you ride her. Scream, scream, nobody can hear you! Super fast, and when you think she can't shred any harder, she will shred on, SHRED ON!

The Specs: Amber Illusion powder coat, once again, it will not fade, dull, or implode. Amber Illusion 4ever. Oh, and white powder as well, not for your nose, but for the forks, swingarm, and round pieces. You have eyes, use them. 65 Polini with high comp head. Malossi 4 pedal intake, and Motomatic 21mm boner device. 21mm Dellorto PHBG, DMP stuffed crank, lightened and tuned clutch with springs (colored), Powder coated EBRs, chromey shocks, Gazelles. And let's not forget the beast, the Simonini Pipe for power, more power. Oh, and the frame is trimmed up. The sidecover mounting tabs are trimmed off, the fender is chopped (bitchin' taillight), and the air box hole is filled.

Well now, you must be tired of reading. Mopeding and reading is hard. For this fast moped Princess, you must be willing to pay $1469. Again, listen up, I can deliver if it is close, you can pick it up, OR I can ship it to you, right on your stoop.

Okay, well if these two mopeds spend any more time together, I'm going to have a whole mess of little mopeds crying all over me. Have at 'em, or they're going to have at each other.

(obligatory panther shot)

Re: FS: Puch Donatello & Puch Princess Honey B

best write-up ever. everyone else looking to sell peds should use this write-up as a model, lol.

Re: FS: Puch Donatello & Puch Princess Honey B


were you the dude who came and bought parts from my garage while i was in california? i remember hearing about this TMNT ped idea....haha

these are rad bikes. i need to come out there soon and ride. i met up with Nele and two of his cronies two days ago when i was in town. seems like a great city for riding.

Re: FS: Puch Donatello & Puch Princess Honey B

is that proma circuit quieter with that simoni baffle?

Re: FS: Puch Donatello & Puch Princess Honey B

Right on, question answering time!

RE: Jackson

Re: FS: Puch Donatello & Puch Princess Honey B

holy hell. nice bikes!

but "princess honey bush" is pure sex!

Re: FS: Puch Donatello & Puch Princess Honey B

Nice plug for these great bikes. Princess Honey Bush? Are you an employee at the renaissance fair? I don't think I'd ever purchase a bike with that name, but what do I know? My ped says MAXI. Once again, great bikes. You should have no problem selling these.



Re: FS: Puch Donatello & Puch Princess Honey B

no problem dude! im glad they went to a good home.

why are you getting rid of these bikes? these look like they had a lot of time and money put into them.

what kind of top speeds on either of them?

Re: FS: Puch Donatello & Puch Princess Honey B

I'm selling these peds because I need the dough! No other reason, sad to see good peds go, but go they must.

I don't know how fast they are. Donatello is stock gearing, is pulls the skin on your face back, and can top out going up big hills. I'm super fat too. Like really fat. With a lighter guy, you'll lift the wheel without trying.

PHB is a rocket. Just when you think she is topping out, she takes off. Blasts until you have tears and a begging her to stop. Probably around mach 2 or 3.

Re: FS: Puch Donatello & Puch Princess Honey B

i really like these peds. especially donatello.

Re: FS: Puch Donatello & Puch Princess Honey B

Holy shit Eddie! What else do you have??? You’ve built some really nice bikes! Btw thanks for the shirt, I keep trying to get a glamour shot of me to send to you! – soon

Somebody buy these!!!! I wish I could!

Re: FS: Puch Donatello & Puch Princess Honey B

Heck yeah, only quality only quality. Forgot to mention that all wheels have been rebuilt, headset repacked, all that jazz.

Thanks Quinn. I'd love some pictures of you... ha.

I'll go cheaper on these too, just ask, I'll work with you. Everybody needs a screaming moped for sure.

Re: FS: Puch Donatello & Puch Princess Honey B

$10 for both? man i couldnt even afford that at this point...

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