For sale: motobecane parts and a horn

After someone crashed into me on the 133 and totaled both our cars, my moped is going to be my main means of transportation for a while. Hmm.. it could be blessing in a rather horrible disguise, eh? Thinking positively sucks, haha. Anyways, I believe my bike needs some work to be commuter worthy and I'm selling parts I'm not using so I can buy parts I could use, like new tires and tubes.

So that's my sob story and here are the parts, so if anyone wants or needs:

Vintage Motobecane handlebars that don't require bending over! It allows you to ride just fine with your back sitting up straight with class. Forget's for suckers anyways.

Vintage Motobecane Cable/Wire to Frame Holder! It's not a lot of fun if you don't have one of these, it wasn't fun when I forgot how to put this back on and had my cables and wires everywhere. Everywhere!

Vintage Motobecane Flywheel Cover, the cover that actually goes around an actual flywheel (not magneto..duh). Gives that oh-so-stock look, it has a sticker on it that reads:

"Tous Les 1000 km GRAISSER A LA


Le Changemen De Vitesse Et

L'embrayage (Graisseur Du Centre)

Aec La Pompe Tecalemit Pz.25" It's French that even bablefish can't translate (all together of course). French words, yeah!

I'll look for those rubber attachment screws, I've already found one.

Vintage Gurtner AR Carb! For that oh-so-stock moby carb! All the parts are there and if there are any worries please just ask. Including if anyone just needs like an air box or bendy intake, I can sell those separately. Yeah!

Never Been Used 12v Biker's Choice Horn! I never used it because I couldn't. But if you can, or planning to upgrade to a cdi, and currently using a 6v horn, here's your chance for a decent 12v that has to be louder than that angry doorbell buzz 6v horns make. Your horn will no longer be just a novelty,

"Hey check this out" _bzz bzz_

"Haha, adorable :)."

kind of horn.

15 Foot Security Cable! Either I did not need that much length of security or I hated carrying it around for a single bike. But I lost the receipt and also forgot how much I paid for it. It's long enough for you to wrap it around your bike, a pole, and then some.

(left, right, front, no, it's up up down down left right left right b then a...just kidding)

Vintage Motobecane Front Fender! In Shiny Chrome! As you can see in the picture, I wasn't planning on selling this! But I just won the black one on ebay, with minimum starting bid. I don't know why I bought it except it looks nicer and I wanted it, so I might as well sell this one for anyone wanting that stock front fender look. By any means it's not super minty, but has character and is in decent shape. Does what a fender does, it fends..and keeps your front tire from slinging crap at your engine.

I don't have any prices...yet. Please, I don't want to be a jerk, but I just am, and as of now I rather have people give me an offer instead of me being a good bastard and saying "Uh, that'll be a million. It has sentimental value..I fought off a coyote with that once." If I put up prices now, I'm afraid they'll be ridiculous and get me tarred. I'll figure something out, like maybe if I'm shown a link of where you can buy an item that's identical as one above, I'll take $5-10 off or something.

Re: For sale: motobecane parts and a horn...and se

Oh no, the title was supposed to be motobecane parts and horn and security cable..

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