WTB #2 Puch Cylinder

Just what the title says. Just need the cylinder, no piston, no head. I screwed the pooch trying to get a plug out of mine.

Looking for a non-plug version! Don't need pretty just clean and good to go inside.

Re: WTB #2 Puch Cylinder

Come on kitsters, I know your old #2 is sitting on the shelf wanting to be run again :)

Re: WTB #2 Puch Cylinder

Come on yall...throw the man a bone

Re: WTB #2 Puch Cylinder

Jake Shaughnessy /

ive got a few. make me an offer

Re: WTB #2 Puch Cylinder

shit, i was about to reply to this too, I have one and need project funds. in case jake can't help you out.

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