Sachs in Seattle


I am new to this forum, looking for a good 1st moped in Seattle.

Trawling craigslist it seems like prices are grossly inflated this summer.

There is this super minty sachs which caught my eye, how much do you all think this is really worth? $1000 seems insane!


Any mosquito fleeters looking to offload a nice running Maxi, Mobylette, Foxi or ?

Re: Sachs in Seattle

is $1000 too much for a Sachs? Absolutely.

Are prices grossly inflated this summer? not really, there have been tons of good deals.

Does anyone have a moped for sale? I think Casey is selling his Tomos if it's not gone already. and Sully is looking to see her Peugeot 103 so you could always email them.

Will I be checking back in on this thread? nope, probably not.

Re: Sachs in Seattle

claudine is selling her sachs westlake for $200, i think. it's gonna need some work, though.

Re: Sachs in Seattle

Thanks for the advice! How would I get in touch with the person offloading the Peugeot 103?

Re: Sachs in Seattle

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

apparently super-helpful ian thinks you should already know how to get a hold of these people.

"this": is sully's profile, shoot her an email.

Re: Sachs in Seattle

email sent

Re: Sachs in Seattle

yep all mosquito fleet members profiles are easily accessible via this website. thanks Dean.

Re: Sachs in Seattle

Hey Devin, it's Travis. Didn't nab that yellow Moby on CL? I bet that one went real fast. You'll find something though, just keep checking CL every 2 minutes.

Re: Sachs in Seattle

Re: Sachs in Seattle

Thanks! I contacted Sullivan, could be the way to go. Still looking around for other options as well.

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