WTB: Fast Motobecane 50v or Puch in PA

Mike Springman /


I am looking to buy a Motobecane 50v or Puch in or around Pennsylvania. Preferably something that has been modified with performance parts to go 35-45 mph. Willing to spend 500-850 dollars. Sick of my kinetic already, if anyone has anything with a clear title let me know.

Re: WTB: Fast Motobecane 50v or Puch in PA

buy a 50v. carb, port, and exhaust it. you'll go 45, and have more insight into how your moped works. and you'll probably save money.

Re: WTB: Fast Motobecane 50v or Puch in PA

i have mopeds,shoot me an email....most of the stuff i have is puch,tomos and minarelli...but also have derbi kreidler sachs and others.....i have a super fast tomos targa i have been debating whether or not to sell.have a 35 mph freespirit with puch motor....i have lots of stuff email me at chanceafrica@hotmail.com

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