FS: Special Timing Light

I went to alot of trouble to get these. They work great in setting up my cdi I have talk about how important it is to use a timing light setting up these cdi's.. everyone is selling. So I went and found this tool for the tuners, mechanic's, diy peoples. Simple to use and operate comes with super simple directions.

The Timing Light is made with a special light .. :)

This is where you need to buy yourself a white paint marker.. mark your lines on the magneto.. shoot the light at your timing marks.. adjust until the timing is correct.. or where you need it to be at for the engine to perform correctly.

The timing light is powered off the spark plug.

No, it will not hurt anything its here to help!

Remember you can't adjust a cdi with a.. voltmeter .. you need a timing light. So get all your friends together chip in for one.. and share the love of timing with precision.

Paypal is the easiest and fastest way for you to get your hands on the timing light..

99$ + shipping

Thank you, MA



Re: FS: Special Timing Light

Ed please don't take this the wrong way, cause you always have great deals and awesome stuff, but a $99 for a timing light?

These can be had for around $30 at any auto parts store, and around $15 on the net.

What makes this one special, just curious?

I use this one currently and it seems to work fine ($15), altough I wish it didn't need an external power source (12v battery).

Re: FS: Special Timing Light

No harm taken,

This is a special one.. you get to ride around and see where the timing is laiding at wot with torque on the engine.

Thank you for the bump.

Also you need a battery pack to run a 12v car timing light.. this is powered by the .. bike itself.

Re: FS: Special Timing Light

The self powered thing is pretty cool, but if you are even near any car, you have a "battery pack"

Re: FS: Special Timing Light

these go in series with the plug so you can time and ride.. best think for a cdi conversion..

Re: FS: Special Timing Light

Very cool, thanks ed; I might need to get one of these in the near future. I knew there had to something special about, you guys always have neatest stuff.

Re: FS: Special Timing Light

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

snordly has one like this. it's not very bright, but it's pretty rad that you can plug your ht coil into this, and this into your spark plug and it works

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