I am quite new to mopeds and have purchased a Peugeot 102SP. I know that these bikes aren't anywhere near fast, but have heard that they are not overly unreliable. Could somebody, who has the time, please answer some questions?

Will this moped only take Peugeot rims?

Are there any 102 models with a variator?

Where could one find a front fender?

What are some good parts to buy to add a little speed?

Re: Peugeot

hey there, i dont know too much about pugs im just getting into them myself but i think i may be able to answer some questions for ya and i like to try and help out when i can, although there are tons of people on here with way more knowledge than me here are my answers.

rims? i ran my pug 103 front wheel on my puch for a while and ive heard about dudes running pug sprockets on puch rear wheels which leads me to believe that puch rims could work..... maybe someone else can confirm this for you....

variator? i have no idea but i am curious if the 102 an 103 run the same crank cause i lost my flywheel nut for my 103 and people are parting out 102s all the time. if they are the same you can definitely hook up a stock 103 or aftermarket variator.

fender? moped army buy/sell is probably your best place to find a fender.

speed? an expansion chamber pipe and larger carb are usually the best/easiest place to start adding power to a ped. if you can put a variator on there that should help too. also treats has a 102 kit, if your really looking to get the most out of the ped thats probably the way to go.... unless maybe you can stick a 103 motor into a 102 frame... then theres alot more options

hope that helps


Re: Peugeot

i have a 1980 peugeot 102sp. i couldnt really find parts for it so im parting mine out. if you need anything let me know.

email me

i sold the forks

i have a front fender it has a small crack in it but its still good.

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