WTB: Honda Express NC50 cylinder and piston

I am looking for a new cylinder and piston for a 1980 Honda Express NC50. I would also be interesting in knowing if anyplace on the web sells aftermarket cylinders (50cc) or kits for the honda expresses. It seems that there are lots of 70cc kits out there for much cheaper than a new 50cc set from an oem dealer?! I dont want to deal with new jetting, etc, so am looking for a 50cc source. Thanks.

Re: WTB: Honda Express NC50 cylinder and piston

1977 mopeds has a 50cc kit.

Any PA50/PA50II/Hobbit/Camino/NU cylinder will fit, but you'll need to cut a few fins to clear the oil fill plug on the NC.

I have a real nice low mileage stock set I would sell, just reply here if you're interested and I'll get you details via email.

FYI...you'l still need to tune your carb if you get a performance kit even if it's only 50cc, as the performance kit will have better porting and in turn will most likely require different jetting then a stock cylinder.

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