WTS or WTT dellorto 19 phbg clone

Aight, heres the deal. I bought this 19 phbg clone thinking I was going to use it for a hobbit build. I bought a new intake and this carb, and when it showed up there was way to much dead space in the intake. I should probably have got like a 22 or bigger. Anyway, I have this extra now, don't need it, already run one on my express, awesome carb, uses all the dellorto jets/needles. Never mounted, never touched gas, only taken out of the box and fondled slightly. If you want it, e-mail me at goonferhire@gmail.com . Also Comes with the hi flow filter shown in the pics.

Make an offer. I would put on as partial trade on a used or new hobbit kit, pipe, or some amount of cash.

Re: WTS or WTT dellorto 19 phbg clone

email sent

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