Batavus Front Rim.

Does anyone know where i can find a spoked one?


Re: Batavus Front Rim.

i got one off a starflight.

spoked, 16 inch with brake plate

this rim looks slightly wider than the rims on my Batavus


also have the front forks and fender


Re: Batavus Front Rim.

call this guy, he is who i bought my scooter off of and he offered me 2 more tires for it...443-822-4283 he lives in university

Re: Batavus Front Rim.

Jared(lazer) /

i called twice, and left a message.

I just need a rim, my buddies out of town and i bent his rim.

ive looked on ebay but none of them are exact, is there any other rim that will fit on it?

Re: Batavus Front Rim.

i got a whole wheel if you want it. i live in delaware tho

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