FS - portmatched polini za50 project

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i've got an unfinished project to sell here. what i've got is a za50 that i had portmatched for a polini. during the portmatching i poked a hole in the case. that hole has since been tig welded and is not a problem, but you should know that.

in order to do the tig welding, the case had been split. so it would be good for someone who wants to do a good za50 rebuild w/new bearings and seals.

the engine has the stator, the crank looks good...no play, and the port matching seems good.

along with the za50 i have the polini kit with high compression head. the kit has about 10 miles on it because i ran it before port matching. the top fins of the cylinder and head have been cut 75% off to accommodate for the polini 4 pedal reed cage. nowadays you can pick up a malossi and don't need to hack. however, i do have the 4 pedal polini intake brand new..this was never used

i have no idea what the interest level will be here. if you are interested, let me know and i can send pictures.

Re: FS - portmatched polini za50 project

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kind of a weird thing to sell, but i figured i'd ask.

Re: FS - portmatched polini za50 project

damn it i really love za50 polini i have one, i was working toward another, email me some pics and your price

Re: FS - portmatched polini za50 project


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