WTB: NC50 Parts Needed

I've got a '78 Honda Express (NC50) that runs but there are a few parts that I'm looking for that need replacing.

Let me know if you know where to get these parts or have some available that you'd be willing to sell...

1) Fenders (any color- would like green or blue)

2) Air Filter

3) Air box (or just the outside cover)

4) Gas Tank (green or blue)

5) Gas Cap (the original one with the vent switch)

Thanks in advance!

Re: WTB: NC50 Parts Needed

Sorry I don't have what you need, just wanted to comment that those are some of the hardest parts to find, besides a carb.

Re: WTB: NC50 Parts Needed

Ooh! I also need an ignition switch- preferably with keys.

Re: WTB: NC50 Parts Needed

Ha ha.....even harder to come by. I just had to fix mine, used one from and 82 for my 78. turns out they are not exactly the same. Had to completely tear it apart rewire, solder, switch the tumblers inside the lock and everything. But......it works beautifully and looks completely original.

I've seen these go for 25 to 30 bucks on ebay and that's usually with no key.

Not trying to dis on you or anything, I wish you good luck with your search.

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