WTB motobecane flywheel cover

So I've been content with my painted flywheel but I just bought a CDI for my bike and that flywheel is not so pretty. Someone must have one that they don't use.

Re: WTB motobecane flywheel cover

There's a nut welded on my magneto, so I have no use for the cover except as a bowl to hold nuts and bolts. You mean the plastic(?) cover held on by two rubber straps right? Email me and we'll figure something out with the mailing.

Re: WTB motobecane flywheel cover

email sent

Re: WTB motobecane flywheel cover

hey man

i got one. its a grey/clear looking plastic cover with the 2 hooks

to strap it to the engine.

i also have the metal guard for the other side of the engine.

its painted silver with 3 mounting holes. has a french

sticker on there too.

let me know

i need more paypal money

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