For Sale: 1976 Cimatti City Bike w/75cc polini kit

For sale is a 1976 Cimatti City Bike, red. Structurally and mechanically it's a great bike, and super-reliable: makes it to Ann Arbor from Kalamazoo no problem! Has the following installed ($400+ put into the bike):

High compression head

75cc Polini kit

Performance exhaust

Large front sprocket (13 tooth, i think)

Custom rear shocks

Long seat

This moped does an easy 40mph and rockets up to that speed. Great for hills. I'd wager that a larger carburetor and a different rear sprocket and you'd have an easy 45-50mph out of it with no loss in pep.

Also included is an extra gas tank. I've got one that's ugly on the outside and clean on the inside (on the bike), and another that is pretty on the outside but needs to be cleaned on the inside (never got around to it). I've also got the side panels for it, but they aren't on right now since they'd need slight modification to fit with the carb and intake on it.

It's a great bike, and i hate to see it go, but i'm moving cross country and can't possibly take it with me. Send me an email if you're interested ( or post here and i'll contact you.

I'm asking $700, but make an offer, the worst i'll say is no.


Re: For Sale: 1976 Cimatti City Bike w/75cc polini

forgot to mention, bike is in Kalamazoo, MI.

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