Alright, first of all, my name is Frankee Cuzzola[I AM A GIRL! ugh]. I book local shows and events in Auburn, New York. Recently, I, my boyfriend, and a group of our friends have gone head over heals for all things moped. Not just riding them, but rebuilding them, and giving them our own personal touches. We’ve spent the last month buying and selling, repairing, and falling in love with the idea of mopeds!! But that is all besides the point.

The REAL POINT of this bulletin IS!!!! I want to do a show/rally in Auburn, to raise money for our local venue, the Auburn Public Theater. It was recently all renovated with exception of the show room in the basement. WHICH is my main concern. The basement needs, new bathrooms, a new floor, new renovated VIP and guest rooms and it needs to be made into a handicap assessable area! There’s only one way to get to the basement, and that’s a flight of over 20 stairs! Shows and music are a HUGE part of Auburn, New York, and the last 2 years of my life have been based around bringing back good times to my home town!

I would LOVE to learn how to start and hold a Rally here in downtown Auburn. Although it’s not a major city, or a big one, it’s an important part of the music scene. Manowar came from here! HA!

Not only would it help raise money for the venue, but it would show the people around that there’s more to mopeds than they think! It would give the chance to Moped Branches all over to come out and have the freedom to say what they want, and what they stand for! [without the chance of fights and drama!]

My purpose is to show Auburn a good time, on top of riding out on what we all have come to love. Although I and my friends are not part of a branch [yet], but we’re working on that!—I would love to do this.

I’m looking to the moped community for help!!

email me—frankeefamous@yahoo.com

Leave me messages here!

Whatever you want, PLEASE HELP!!!

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