Today's Special

Todays special

Here are some special... for today only... so get them while we have them..! yay!

Yup email me. It works. Ed

Polini puch reed valve 64cc new in box

215 shipped inside the usa

Also DMP puch cylinder kit 45mm new in box

95.00 shipped inside the usa

And polini vespa 43mm 12mm pin

New in box with head 125.00 including shipping inside the usa

Re: Today's Special

I forgot to .. add this.. one .. SACHS WHA!

Athena sachs 80cc reed valve kit new in box

For 225.00 shipped inside the usa

Re: Today's Special

i bought one of these from ed.

I dont get it. Quality , sealed , real deal, to my door polini for that price.

Good Seller.

Re: Today's Special

Hey Ed, do you ever come across any derbi variant revolution stock parts? Kinda an outside chance, but it seems you have some crazy sources.

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