FS puch/moby/tomos

stuff needs to go, trying to afford something else.

1980 puch magnum, a35 topend, e50 bottom end, dellorto 14.12, boss pipe hacked up, runs and is ridable but needs a rear brake hooked up and a tail light, has tomos rims and geared for low end, no pedals... has footpegs and starts easily.!--

currently registered.(illegally i think?)

1980 murray frame,swingarm, shocks, fork, spoked rims, random puch topends.

tomos ttlx frame, no forks or gastank, uhmmm a bunch of random shit for it, have a project a35.

1980 le moby frame, rack chopped, no forks or swingarm. rust free tank\

1977 newport, rusty tank, nice paint.

mb5 wheels, came to me incomplete, don't wanna search around for parts.

ke125 . hydro fork, hugeee! had on my magnum

i have alot of parts boxed up, so if you need anything lmk!

Re: FS puch/moby/tomos

im interested.... do you have a picture of the tomos/Magnum bike?

Re: FS puch/moby/tomos

can you post a pic of the murray stuff?

Re: FS puch/moby/tomos

heres a pic before it was painted and i put a bullet headlight on it... the paint still sucks tho lol


Re: FS puch/moby/tomos

heres the murray before i took it apart.


Re: FS puch/moby/tomos

ill take the tank/frame if your parting?

Re: FS puch/moby/tomos

right now im not looking to part the magnum, sorry

Re: FS puch/moby/tomos


i need

1. puch maxi sidecover, left side

2. 14mm Bing and intake

3. Proma GP exhaust pipe

4. front brake cable

if you have let me know


Re: FS puch/moby/tomos

how much for the magnum?

Re: FS puch/moby/tomos


i don't think i have any of that, sorry.

josh, make an offer.

Re: FS puch/moby/tomos

you were the guy i was talking to through email about trading my sachs and maxi for that magnum, but i couldnt get any pictures of them, i have them posted here https://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/2/263867/263867/ if you would be interested

Re: FS puch/moby/tomos

yeah, i think so. . i need cash for a tomos, i'll let u know if i decide to just str8 trade.

Re: FS puch/moby/tomos

murray swingarm is SOLD!

Re: FS puch/moby/tomos


Re: FS puch/moby/tomos


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