wtb: honda hobbit/pa50II

I'm looking for a cheap pa50II in minnesota or within 3 hours or so of minneapolis. doesn't need to run just mostly complete and not too much rust. If you or someone you know has something that could work please let me know. Thanks in advance

Re: wtb: honda hobbit/pa50II

i have a pa501 for 175$ matching your description. however im in ny

Re: wtb: honda hobbit/pa50II

ha thanks anyways.

i'm looking for a pa50II of any year condition doesn't matter as long as it is mostly complete and not TOO rusted. i'm not planning on trying to get it runnng just using the parts on my pa50II I have now.

Re: wtb: honda hobbit/pa50II

What parts do you need?

Re: wtb: honda hobbit/pa50II

just random parts. most likely the spring in the driven pulley. more roller weights. might swap my long seat for the small one. maybe a gas tank if its nice enough. maybe some other bits and pieces here and there

Re: wtb: honda hobbit/pa50II

ebay- honda dio spring- 100 for kitted-1500 for stock $15

The Works toilet bowl cleaner for the tank

if its stock- keep the stock weights, i tried the lighter,no improvement

i found 3 hobbits on ebay last winter. good luck!!!

Re: wtb: honda hobbit/pa50II

Bike bandit has roller weights sets. They ship SUPER slow, but a whole set of weights and caps is like 11 dollars shipped. I bought two sets, just because those end caps are made out of egg shells.

I have had both the long and short seats. The long seats are good if you leave it looking stock and or like to give girls rides. Small seat is better for all else.

Re: wtb: honda hobbit/pa50II

thanks for the tips. The reason i''m looking for a complete bike is so i dont have to deal with making a bunch of orders online. Also, i need the spring that goes inside the driven pulley not the small springs in the clutch (might get those too but not needed). I'll keep an eye out

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