wtb qt50 top end

So I broke off an extractor in the broken off exhaust bolt on the cylinder and scored the piston getting it out. There's a new top end kit on ebay for the pw50 for 180 but if anyone has a good working used motor or top end for a reasonable price, I might be tempted... Lemme know if you've got anything!

Re: wtb qt50 top end

Prey tell what would you want to pay for one be reasonable and I may go look for the one I have

Re: wtb qt50 top end

depends on what kinda shape its in. If I have to get new rings and gaskets as well, I don't wanna spend more than 40 or 50 on a used top end. much more than that and the new kit is gonna get pretty tempting. if you wanna sell the complete motor if its got good compression, 60 or 70 be fair?

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