wtb:air box for gadabout

Im looking for the air box for a 81 gadabout trike- guessing the carb is common on lot of different peds. It looks from the pics just a cover that possible treads on ? Anyone know where to get one ?

Re: wtb:air box for gadabout

I have a air box for the motor you Have I think it might fit. 5 bucks and it is yours.

So how much did you get the trike for.?

Re: wtb:air box for gadabout

the guy with the army gadabouts has a round air box with a wire filter then i saw someone else has one that looks similiar to my old qt50 yamahopper air box on his gadabout a squarish look . Which do your have? Do you have a filter for it and and mounting hardware- i can allways find a clamp for it if it needs one to mount. Thanks Let me know how much to ship to 32068 florida.

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