WTB Maxi Frame

Alright....do you remember that Maxi project you were going to build? Yeah the one before the Derbi and before the Hobbit and before the Pinto and yes even before the Magnum that you built....

I need a Maxi frame. I don't need forks or swingarm, just your frame with a CLEAN, RUST FREE-ish tank. I don't even care about the color. I'd like one priced to move because, you know, the recession and all.

Love you....

Re: WTB Maxi Frame

just how rust free-ish are we talking? I have a body that I'd let go pretty cheap, but I live in NY....

Re: WTB Maxi Frame

Ive got one you could get but it would probably cost more to ship than it would be to buy the beastie and I have no idea what shipping would be from michigan. try askin' some bandits they may have a stray you could get.

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