Need stock moby 50v exhaust clamp

God dammit, I bought it from handybikes so it would be here when I got back in town and they sent some weird other part. I'm not gonna pay their UPS $12 or whatever for a small piece of metal that should only cost $2 to ship via USPS so i'm wondering if anyone has a stock one that they don't need.

Just to clarify it's the exhaust clamp for a stock 50v exhaust. The part that wraps around the fat end of the exhaust and secures it to the exhaust mount underneath the engine.

My other one snapped from vibration when I had to ride home with a loose exhaust up front at the cylinder.


Re: Need stock moby 50v exhaust clamp

Andrew Squiggman /

just use a piece of pipe strapping, the stuff with the holes in it. or like I did, cut a strip from a tin can, and drill 2 holes in the ends for the bolt. it works, and is free

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