WTB: V1 front sprocket & nut/washer

If I can't sell/trade my Gloria Intramotor ped, I want to find the small pieces it needs. I'm looking for a front sprocket and the nut and washer that is used to hold them on for a Minarelli V1 engine. I haven't checked the thread pattern, but I was fairly certain it's reverse thread. Any size sprocket will do. If you've got a junk motor with those parts on it, I'll be glad to take them off your hands. Please email me with what you want for them! If I'm wrong on the reverse thread, can anyone tell me the thread size/pattern so I can try to find one at a hardware store? Thanks!!

Re: WTB: V1 front sprocket & nut/washer

email me, i have what you need. Ed

Re: WTB: V1 front sprocket & nut/washer


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