FS/FT- Gloria Intramotor Blanco

Just got a Gloria Intramotor Blanco with a V1 engine. This ped runs great. Starts on the first kick. The guy I got it from said it was broke. I put premix in it (it was dry), cleaned the spark plug, and it fired right up. It's missing the fan and cover for the engine, the drive sprocket (with nut), and chain. Everything else seems to be there! I would take this baby for a ride, but don't have the sprocket or nut to put on! I may have a chain for it, I'd have to check. The tank has minimal rust, it will clean up easily with little effort. Paint is actually pretty good but would look amazing with a buffing. I'm interested in selling this or trading for go-fast parts for a Puch! I'm building up a Pinto (I already have ebrs and a simonini exhaust) and still need a kit and carb. I'd trade the whole thing for some proformance parts or will sell outright. This ped has a bunch of nice Italian parts that are interchangable. If it should come down to it, I may part it, but I'd like to keep it whole. Engine seems like a bolt-on and go deal (once you put on your sprocket and nut).


Re: FS/FT- Gloria Intramotor Blanco

Bump! Anyone want a nice minarelli ped??

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