Yamaha QT50 FS in SF

Rad little QT50 for sale. Stock. Amazingly clean condition. Just needs new tubes and it's ready to ride. $600.00 OBO.

Re: Yamaha QT50 FS in SF


Great little ped. It's my neighbors and I think he's pretty anxious to get rid of it so I'm sure he'd bring the price down for a serious buyer.

Any takers?

Re: Yamaha QT50 FS in SF

I just talked to him and he said he'll sell it for $450!

Last chance before this goes to craigslist...

Re: Yamaha QT50 FS in SF


Come on... She's a real cutie.

Uh huh huh... Get it? Cutie/QT...

Hee hee! Yeah, I'm stupid.

$450 for a great running and super clean moped in San Francisco. Can't be beat.

Re: Yamaha QT50 FS in SF

Code Name: BLAST! /

people need pics, dude.

you riding tomorrow?! how you been?

Re: Yamaha QT50 FS in SF

***Kim Jong illest*** /

yeah! pics! .....lets face it... limp dick + unicycle + hamster wheel = qt50 :/

Re: Yamaha QT50 FS in SF

***Kim Jong illest*** /

come to think of it, that sounds like the PERFECT bike for mike!

Re: Yamaha QT50 FS in SF


Yeah, it's my neighbor's and he just asked me if I knew anybody. I was going to wait and see if anyone was even interested before I asked him for pics.

Not too into it either, otherwise I would have found a way by now for it to be mine. It is super clean though. It looks brand new. It'd make a good first ped or a good girlfriend ped.

I'm doing good Rob. Good as can be I guess... I'll see you guys tonight. Is your Pinto up and running?

Re: Yamaha QT50 FS in SF

You'd think you would have proper respect for the qt, especially since you live in the city. QT's rip the hilsl up like no other, dont hate.

Re: Yamaha QT50 FS in SF

What are you talking about???

I never really hated on the bike. I think it's kinda cool, just not my cup of tea. Lighten up dude.

Oh, and by the way, I'm pretty sure my Hobbit would kill a QT50 on any hill here in the City.

Anyway, yeah, QT50s are cool. Samta says so, OR ELSE!!!


Re: Yamaha QT50 FS in SF

any pictures?

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