Iowa fs: suzuki fz50 and fa50

The fz50 I have got to run through a float bowl full of gas. It needs all new cables, wiring needs cleaned up a lot. Basically I stripped everything off that wasnt needed to make it run. It comes with another frame, set of wheels, and parts motor. $175 takes everything I can find for both of them.

The fa50 I havent really messed with, but the motor isn't locked up. $50 takes it.

E-mail me for pictures. I dont really want to part them out but if nobody takes them within a week I will. I can meet halfway or deliver within 100 miles or so.

p.s. all the motors are missing the kickstart levers. Shitty I know.

Re: Iowa fs: suzuki fz50 and fa50

bump for pics. Here is the fz with parts bike.


Re: Iowa fs: suzuki fz50 and fa50

and here is the fa50

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