FS Vespa SI plus performance parts in G.R. MI.

Selling a Vespa Si and a bunch of parts as a package. First the ped. I was going to build this over the winter but bills had to be paid. Same ol story... I bought this out of ohio over a year ago, then sold it to JonVDB here in G.R. He got it running, rode it a couple times and soon after I bought it back. My intent was to build up a go-fast ped over the winter. It is now spring/summer and i have to spend money else where. The ped ran in the fall when I put it away. I drained the gas out and cleaned the carb. It has been nice and warm inside my house since. I have not taken it out or added fuel and tried to start it this year. Im sure it would run with very little effort. Overall its a very nice Vespa. The extra parts i have collected are a complete manual, a spare set if 16 inch wheels, and extra motor in perfect condition, a Polini variator with weights, a new set of michelin 2.75 16" tires (nice!) and a simonini pipe. I have close to $800.00 into this mess. I would love to get all my money back out of this stuff, but I know that's not gonna happen. I wanna get rid of this by the weekend because im cleaning my old house out. Im not sure what is reasonable, so I'm starting out asking $500.00 OBO. Im selling this as a package and i will not part it out. Offers welcome, as long as they are reasonable. I can help with local delivery. I will trade for guns too. Thanks, Luke.









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I sent an email to ya

Re: FS Vespa SI plus performance parts in G.R. MI.


Re: FS Vespa SI plus performance parts in G.R. MI.

Price bump. $450.00

Re: FS Vespa SI plus performance parts in G.R. MI.

King Drunky JCams /


My fav vespa ever...

Good luck with your sale.

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