WTB: PEDAL crank arm PINS ?

looking for 2x ... for my garelli. shipping to 43201 OH

handybikes is a bit pricey for those little guys :/ toss me a bone

Re: WTB: PEDAL crank arm PINS ?

how much are you talking about ??? Puch pins from Treats are only $6.50 a pair . Really don't want a used one as they tend to break when you snug them down . Silly question but have you tried a bike shop ??

Re: WTB: PEDAL crank arm PINS ?

Code Name: BLAST! /

If there is a bike repair shop anywhere near you, you can buy a set there. just take the arms in and have them match them up ...

Re: WTB: PEDAL crank arm PINS ?

and they are usually under $3 each at a bike shop. most of the time they are $1. Paying $6 is like paying $15 for the bicycle chain on any moped.

Re: WTB: PEDAL crank arm PINS ?

Man...Pedal crank cotter pins are worth their weight in gold around here (Boston). I found one bike shop that carries cotter pins...and of course they don't have the correct size I need. I buy ones that are too big and just grid the crap out of them until they fit. It sucks, but it works.

Re: WTB: PEDAL crank arm PINS ?

yeah, they wanted 8 each ... Ill hit up a bike shop. Thanks for the input, didn't consider a bike shop... Never do

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