Vespa Bravo Gas Engine

Vespa Bravo Engine, no carb or exhaust.

Email me with offers.


Re: Vespa Bravo Gas Engine

Other side


Re: Vespa Bravo Engine

Had to put gas engine in the title....cause you know the other vespa engines are of the diesel variety....:)

Re: Vespa Bravo Engine

Whatcha want for it?

Is it the 30mph version, or the 25, or the 20?

There should be a sticker on the frame somewhere.

I need one for crank cutting, intake boring, the case mods.

Re: Vespa Bravo Engine

a diesel vespa engine


Re: Vespa Bravo Engine

it was a joke...

Whats the going rate for a vespa motor? I thought all of the motors were the same and had different carbs?

Tate I can bring it to Madison in the next few weeks so no shipping. Is $150 a fair price, I am new to Vespas hopefully the forum can help on the pricing.

Re: Vespa Bravo Engine

methinks alittle high

Re: Vespa Bravo Engine

like 75 bucks.

Re: Vespa Bravo Engine

Could anyone else help on the price? I have one person saying $75....Is $100 fair?

Re: Vespa Bravo Engine

I'm in at 75.00 I have seen stockers go for 50, fully modded for 150..

I don't want a restricted california motor though... already dealing with one of those (super small intake pad port)

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