E50 abd cah swap for complete clean e50!

I have an e50 that needs some love.

it turns freely, piston cylinder rings are all good.

some asshole spray painted it silver without the electical cover on and that same jerk lost a stud.

He then tapped it and put in a larger stud that I don't like.

I haven't run the engine but i'm sure it will go.

Just needs a rebuild and a wire wheel.

Comes with electrics, intake etc.

I want a CLEAN e50. Maybe matched to a kit, maybe stock.

Something I can bolt on and go. Something pretty.

What ever you got let me know.

So here's my proposition:

I send you pics of my engine you send me pics of yours.

We agree on a price.

I paypal you the amount we agree on.

you ship engine.

I receive it and ship you mine.

Like a core charge at autozone.

I would love to do this in person in LA, but I'm open to shipping as well.


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