Pair of QT50s FS

Seattle- I have a pair of 1987 QT50 to sell. These were in storage for a few years and they are in very good shape. They both have less than 1,000 miles on them, last weekend I tore them down, rebuilt the fuel petcocks, soaked and blew the jets on the carbs, removed and cleaned the fuel tanks, installed new batteries, cleaned the air filters, and generally cleaned them up. Removed, inspected and re-installed the rear wheels (brake shoes were fine), and de-rusted rear rim s with steel wool.

Re-assembled, they both fired up on the third kick. I rode one yesterday from Phinney to Wallingford and if hauled my 215lb fat ass up Wallinford ave from Gasworks to 45th at 25mph. Hit 30 on the flat. I have titles for both bikes. Asking $400 each or $700 for the pair.

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