Last petcock question, i swear.

Alright, so my petcock looks a lot like this one:

I figured out how to remove the plastic cover over the switch, but it just covers a metal switch below it. What I need to know is how to get the round plastic cover BELOW the switch PAST the switch--the toggle doesn't seem to be removable but I am sure there has to be a way. Suggestions? Once I am in there I am very confident I can fix my current gas leak, just frustrated trying to take the thing apart.

Re: Last petcock question, i swear.

God, it would help to look to see what forum I am in before I post. Sorry. I will relinquish my membership now and allow you to commence shunning.

Re: Last petcock question, i swear.

in the old days you could tear the petcocks apart and replace whats fucked up. they dont make that type of petcock anymore. They are toss away items, once they leak you toss them away and buy a new one. unless you can find an old one to repair.

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