WTB: Moped in MI

It doesn't have to run, it doesn't have to be beautiful. As long as I can find parts for it, I'll fix it. I live in Macomb County, I'll drive to pick it up.

Re: WTB: Moped in MI

$350 1977 Moby 50v. Runs ok, but could use some tuning/tweaking. Has side covers. Couple tears in seat.


Re: WTB: Moped in MI

whoops, old picture... this is more recent.


Re: WTB: Moped in MI

where are you located?

Re: WTB: Moped in MI

I have a Green Maxi that needs a lil work for $250

a 98 Tomos Sprint Black $425 that is my daily runner.

I also have a 102sp project u can get for $100

and a Caio project for $100.

If you're interested in a "top tank" project, I just picked up a

Trac top tank w/ snow flakes.

Lemme know.


Re: WTB: Moped in MI


Re: WTB: Moped in MI

have to wait till tomorrow for pics of the top tank Trac.

I bumped the other threads so u could see the pics of the other peds.

Re: WTB: Moped in MI

When's a good time to come up? I have a very flexible schedule.

Re: WTB: Moped in MI

does the trac run? if it does how much do you want?

Re: WTB: Moped in MI

I'll be around most all of the day today, after that you'll have to let me know a few days in advance.

I'll hold the 3 for you.


The Trac top tank is a roller project.

Re: WTB: Moped in MI

Grand Rapids.

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