Help! Need puch engine studs!

went to put on my new piston and head, and blam one stud snapped, two of them are bent and stripped, and well the other could probably use replacing. Anyways, treats is out and I dont see any on 1977's site, so could anybody hook me up with some, or help me find a reliable site to buy some on? thanks. oh and they are M6 thread about 100mm or so long

Re: Help! Need puch engine studs!

(Casserollers) Gregory B. /

go to the hardware store. look for studs and they should have them just a tad bit shorter in length. you may have to go to a mom and pop hardware store or small one because it's kind of an odd ball kind of part.

no hardware store around me had one, even the small ones, so i had to get the same size thread bolt and length and then cut off the top of the bolt.

grinded down the edges with a grinder and presto - good to go.

sounds a lot more complicated as it is. just bring the shit into the store and they'll find something that'll work. go from there.

Re: Help! Need puch engine studs!

and those are strong enough? am I looking for a bolt that is hardened a certain way?

Re: Help! Need puch engine studs!

Grab some Tomos studs and tap out your engine case to m7. They bigger and way stronger than the original studs, maybe cost you $20 from 1977 or treats.

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