Morini MO1 Questions

Ok, so i just bought a 78 morini MO1 Pacer tonight. Im used to working on Sachs motors and right now, i dont really know anything about this MO1 model.

First of all the motor isnt starting. There is spark because its hard wired for the time being. I think i am going to start off by cleaning out the carb. There is obviously issues with it since i found a little bit of gas/oil mixture in the Air filter.

Does anyone know what the main issues to look for in this motor.



Re: Morini MO1 Questions

yeah, not being able to find parts, that's the biggest problem.

Re: Morini MO1 Questions

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

If there's fuel in the carb and air cleaner, there's probably lots of oil mix in the case. My float needle was bad, and gas leaked into the case. Does it smoke a lot? The previous owner also had the wrong plug in it too. They take a long reach plug, NGK B6ES. A short plug greatly reduces the compression ratio.


Re: Morini MO1 Questions

Clean the carb .

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