STOLEN in Seattle: Burgundy Newport

Yo yooooooooo everybody... So my baby got jacked last night.

He's not running and has no gas but anyway its a 77 newport burgundy / brown...

- brown brooks seat

- custom leather grips

- lots of black hardware

- white e-50

- black pedals

- k-star 70

- 19mm phbg with malossi e8

- hutchinson gp1s

uhhhhhhhh lets see it was taken from capitol hill i'm guessing last night but maybe yesterday so that would be June 11. It was usually chained to another moped (my cousin's yellow hobbit) but she rode the hobbit and apparently didn't chain them back together... so it was easy theft material.

Anyway I'll be on the lookout but I don't have a lot of time or a reliable method of transportation to look very far... if anybody sees it pleaseeeeeeee let me know!

Re: STOLEN in Seattle: Burgundy Newport

i wonder what happened to this bike still. at one of the whiskey biz' i saw a maxi that was painted that had what im 99% sure were the old cranks off this bike. did anybody ever see this thing?

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