FS: 06 MadAss w/88kit

2006 MadAss 50/88cc flat Black, 700mi, 1 owner.

1yr old, picked up as a leftover, more parts are out for the 06.

kitted ~100 miles ago.

10hp Honda TB kit.

Moto-Scoot.net Shorty AssPipe loud.

Automatic, so it still is a Moped w/pegs.

led turn signals.

solidstate headlight flasher.

brake light modulator.

Alarm w/Remote Control.(shock/drain/30 degree tilt)

magnetic oil drain plug.

TB Race Head (25/22mm), 88cc Big Bore kit, and 20mm Carburetor.TB Race Camshaft. HV oil pump.

So if you are 240, it will NOW pull you up a hill.

If you are 150, HOLD On and keep a lookout in your mirrors.

Freeway Horn.

$2300 FIRM/Local Boston Mass. p/u ONLY.

also have the old parts FS:

stock pipe

stock monkey signals

handlebar clamps.

top end


Re: FS: 06 MadAss w/88kit

A BadAss MadAss!

Re: FS: 06 MadAss w/88kit

not a moped and not the right forum

Re: FS: 06 MadAss w/88kit

god damnit, sorry, i am always in the wrong forum as always. good luck with sale

Re: FS: 06 MadAss w/88kit

The Commonwealth thinks so.

Re: FS: 06 MadAss w/88kit

There's a really cool site for people such as yourself. It's called "EBAY"

There you can list your _scooter_ in a completely un-troll like fashion. You do have to pay them some money for their troubles, but at the same time you don't look like a total ass for coming on an enthusiast website (which you don't participate in) with the sole purpose of selling something that you'll never get your money back out of...

Re: FS: 06 MadAss w/88kit

buckhole you still trolling in the mens bathrooms?

Re: FS: 06 MadAss w/88kit

So much haterade, so little mopeds with 10hp.

Nice Ride.

Re: FS: 06 MadAss w/88kit

thanks, i do appreciate all the offers/emails and nice comments.

Do I have to be a Trekkie to post? NO FLAMES IN MY THREAD PLS


Re: FS: 06 MadAss w/88kit

Sorry man the Dennys stalls are too high brow for me...I moved up. Surely you should hire a secretary to handle all those calls and emails.

Re: FS: 06 MadAss w/88kit

madassguerrilla /

now you are getting Simon involved.

Re: FS: 06 MadAss w/88kit

Don't let FL trolls get at you. The same guy ho sell a yanaha noped on Buy/Sell is now starting stuff. LAL! Por Bukwek noboty wanted to by his old scraps! He confuse.

Re: FS: 06 MadAss w/88kit

you scare me...massively

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