WTB:moby variator drum

im looking for a stock variator drum for motobecane. if anyone has a junk variator i would consider that too.

Re: WTB:moby variator drum

The drum is the thing you pull of with a clutch puller? Well I have a junky one, it's missing a pad but I have heard of people rebuilding variators and gluing pads on? Actually I can sell you the whole junky variator cheap. Springs are rusted stiff.

Re: WTB:moby variator drum

email sent

Re: WTB:moby variator drum

if you really want one I have a brand new complete assembly top to bottom with the nut also


Re: WTB:moby variator drum

Ffreddie, how much is the complete variator, and is it a 3 ball or 4 ball? Im interested...

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