Rare French Parts.

Pre 70’s french bikes.

Post 80’s french bikes.

French mopeds from before and after the era of american importing.

60’s Moby AV—or peugeot 104, or BB. 80’s+ Peugeot ZS, Vogue, Moby 51 parts.

Whitewall tires, Square headlights. Rare panels and fairings. Plastic for canadian model peugeot front ends.

Those dope mags that you want to steal off my 103 at the moped rally!

I can get almost anything for a peugeot. A lot of the parts for common domestic bikes (103, 102, 50v, 7) are cheap and easy to come by in the USA. If you've found something weird from the pre or post import era, I get you almost any part you need.

Schiller Moped

Re: Rare French Parts.

Re: Rare French Parts.

A head lights lens(trapezoid) and stock buddy pegs for my av88 would be swell.

Re: Rare French Parts.

Zane, email me, so we can get this going. I'll get pricing and shipping worked out.

Re: Rare French Parts.

how much for a set of those oh so perty mags?

Re: Rare French Parts.

Does this look like the headlight bucket?

Re: Rare French Parts.

Or this

or this?

they used a lot of different lights on the mobys.

Re: Rare French Parts.

I just picked up an "Angel" moped over the weekend and think it is Peugeot..

sorry if I've cross referenced something wrong, but do you have an parts that would work for an Angel ?

head light assembly, seats , rear brake lever and cable.. tires, tubes, wheels..

Re: Rare French Parts.

How about stuff for a 1960 AV89?

-Airbox/filter for a round slide/round opening Gurtner Carb.

-Cables (throttle, Choke, Front Brake, Rear Brake, Speedo).

-Front Rubber suspension things for the Level Action Fork model.

-Front and Rear brake pads.

-18 X 2.25 white walls.

-18 X 2.25 tubes.

Re: Rare French Parts.

2nd one.

Re: Rare French Parts.

Email sent, Drocnoc.

Re: Rare French Parts.

Zane, you'll have to email me.

I think I found the part, but I need to make sure we don't ship the wrong one from France.

Rare French Parts.

Jerry Franek /

Surely not 17"X 2.25 or 2.50 whitewalls?

Re: Rare French Parts.

There aren't any 17" white walls.

I can get 15" 18" and 19" white walls.

These apply to early peugot BB/104 models, and 50's/60's era puch and motobecane models.

Re: Rare French Parts.

Can you find a tail light and tank badges for a '65 Raleigh RM12 Super 50? Or any other original parts for that bike?

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