FT: 76 Ciao

Feeler trade for a 76 Ciao for a Puch, Peugot, or Motobecane.

Show me what ya got!


Engine rebuild done by 1977 mopeds a month ago, 13 mill Carb, Malossi Hi flow air filter, Grande, forks, bravo rims, peugeot low rise handlebars, new chain, Polini country pipe, new tires and tubes.

runs but does not idle.

I am located near San Francisco.

Thanks Dudes!


Re: FT: 76 Ciao

if it was just rebuilt why doesn't it idle?

Re: FT: 76 Ciao

Im selling this bike because i put tons of money into it and it has still broken my heart time after time. Honestly i don't know why it won't idle. i think its a carb problem. I like ciao's and all but i want something that will be easier to work on.

Re: FT: 76 Ciao

ok i put this up just before heading out to work:

so here's the longer version:

76' Ciao

The Good:

+ Grande Forks

+ Bravo Mags

+ Polini Country (eww, i know)

+ MC2 on the back GP1 on front

+ Mid rise bars

+ New Brake Cables

+ 77' Rebuild

+ 13mm Carb

+ Malossi HF

+ New Drive Chain

The bad:

+ Needs new left brake

+ Could use new throttle

+ Messy wiring

+ Chinsy Little Bracket for LED tail light (could probably make a better one if you want)

+ Runs crappy right now - bogs/inconsistent

Overall, it's got carb issues. good spark, good compression, runs...just not very well - idles when it warms up

This thing is a wild stallion - unwilling to be tamed by my hands, and it has finally broke me :)

looking for a more reasonable horse: puch/103/50v style.

I've put a ridiculous amount of scrilla into this, almost everything is new.

get a kit = blastin!

Re: FT: 76 Ciao

I say keep it! It is a baller of a ped. If you get it bastin' you will earn mucho street cred. If you where closer to florida I would trade you HA HA.

Re: FT: 76 Ciao

I know! believe me, i know - I didn't even want to show pics till I was done.

But it has officially broken my spirit as of today :/

Re: FT: 76 Ciao

You are in SF just recruit some help getting it dialed in.

Re: FT: 76 Ciao


Re: FT: 76 Ciao

Bring it out to the Sunset, I ride one just like that everyday. I bet I could help you fix it.

Re: FT: 76 Ciao


Re: FT: 76 Ciao

Try putting a little bigger jet in it. My ciaos are harder to start and don't idle very well until they warm up when I am running a little lean. Try going up 2 sizes and see if that helps.

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