Wanted to Trade, Newport in Mass

I just picked up a newport up here in mass the ohter day.

Its cranberry color, paint is decent, needs wax. One of the decals that says newport on one side is junk.

It seems it had a za on it originally , it has the coil in the rear.

It didnt run, but had a za flywheel on it hahaha. It runs with the proper flywheel. It doesnt knock of make any wierd noises.

It does appear to have the high tourque cylinder. It has a 12mm carb that needs a cleaning if you were actually gonna run the silly thing and not put a 14mm on it

the rims are really nice chrome.

Bike is kinda hardwired. not right hardwired either, but it runs, seems like that was the orig owners point.

Clean tank , e50 , nice rims , missing sidecovers ( i actally have a set if this is a deal breaker )

Will need tire at least in the front, and cables and a little elbow grease but hey, its all there. Might take money offers but would prefer trade for Italian bikes ( mineralli / garelli / vespa, maybe no so much franco moroni unless its reed ) Maybe cause im still running a fever, a moby.

Ill entertain parts/kits , carbs whatever.

no nintento

no shipping

no parting

or it will make a good winter project for me.

Re: Wanted to Trade, Newport in Mass

also if your really concerned about the 12mm carb ill clean the damn thing or give you a bag full of 12mm carbs lol


Re: Wanted to Trade, Newport in Mass

or if ya want for a little more ill swap the guts over to a 14mm body but then your gonna owe me haha

Re: Wanted to Trade, Newport in Mass

Do you want to get rid of that za50 flywheel? I will buy if price is good or I have some parts to trade if you rather do that? 14mm intake, 40t sprocket, um #22 cylinder.

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