WTB: hack n weld expansion chamber

i had bolted a generic treats Jammy onto my sachs and it worked great for a while, till it fell off and got ran over in traffic. i put the stock pipe back on and its so restrictive it blows. i cant get around anywhere. anyways im just looking for any random expansion chamber i can use to bolt on/clamp on/weld on to my bike. i wont need a header.

a two piece biturbo chamber would be sexy, or a similar pipe that is designed to clamp onto headers. but pretty much anything you have laying around would work.

oh, and the idea is that im looking for something fairly hacked/dented/dirty/used already so its cheap. get it?

Re: WTB: hack n weld expansion chamber

I've got a new chrome chamber with a short header tube and no silencer (but there is a mount for a bolt-on type) i could send your way for $30 shipped. It's new, shiny and has no damage. Let me know and I can get you a picture tonight.

Re: WTB: hack n weld expansion chamber

would love a picture. whats it for?

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