WTB WTB WTB 103 sp

cuperblasto never got back to me after he said he'd sell it, i said ok i have cash money with pics, and then he disappeared :(

does anybody have a 103sp they would like to sell me? cause i'm in love with them

Re: WTB WTB WTB 103 sp

i got a green sp thats been siting around waiting for me to finish up my puchs but that may never happen. i dont really want to sell it but... shoot me an email... make me an offer....


Re: WTB WTB WTB 103 sp

wow, that's a big tuning step from a tomos.

Re: WTB WTB WTB 103 sp

mattology - /

je voulais une mobylette peugot il ya trois ans!!!!!!

Re: WTB WTB WTB 103 sp

) CuperAWESOMO ( /

still working on pics duder

Re: WTB WTB WTB 103 sp

yea after seeing the moby in action you know you want a french variated bike.

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