Puch Maxi '78 *FOR SALE*, NH

My brother and I are selling a currently non-running 1978 Red Puch Maxi. It was running last fall before it was put away. We no longer have the time for fixing, and I have been riding my motorcycle. I believe it only needs a carb clean, and some gaskets and seals replaced (for some minor leaks). If you are into cosmetic looks the rear light plastic needs replacing as well as side guards.

We are located in POrtsmouth NH, and are asking around $300. BTW... we are very flexible with the price.


Re: Puch Maxi '78 *FOR SALE*, NH

Hi eric,

do you still have the puch maxi?

i may be interested in fixing er up.



Re: Puch Maxi '78 *FOR SALE*, NH

Hello, I am very interested in your Puch Maxi. Would you be willing to accept $300 if you ship the bike somehow. I am really interested!

Re: Puch Maxi '78 *FOR SALE*, NH

i'm guessing this bike has probably already been sold.

Re: Puch Maxi '78 *FOR SALE*, NH

2009 fuckface!

Re: Puch Maxi '78 *FOR SALE*, NH

Andrew Squiggman /

five year old post. and you live in new Hampshire. why would you have it shipped? your state is hardly bigger than Delaware.

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