FS: Puch Maxi Project in CT

Hi, I have a Puch Maxi project for sale, I got it in a trade and was going to put it together but then I bought a Magnum, so I don't care about this Maxi anymore. All parts are there except it will need the plastic kill switch (I have the chrome/housing), a Magura throttle assembly, a clutch lever (6$ on Treatland), a tail light lens, chain tensioners (treats also), and pedal pins. The e50 has been dissassembled and I have 2 new main engine bearings for it still in the bag, along with new e50 engine seals, I have new Bing jets 66, 70 and a high flow black foam filter ready for the 14mm Bing included. I also have new engine bolts brand new they are Allen head in a bag. The transmission fluid drain plug threads are stripped, I can drill and tap it a size bigger if you want. The tires are good, IRC's NR53 or something like that but the front fender rubs on the tire. Comes with extra busted snowflake which I think is definitely fixable. Seat will need a new cover. I have new grips thrown in there which match the blue. The tank is OK, a little bit of rust near the top from condensation. I'm looking to get $275 for this because the wheels are desirable, along with the e50 that is ready to be put together. It's a 2 HP version. Trades possible?

Pictures below:

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Re: FS: Puch Maxi Project in CT

Do you still have it? and where in connecticut is it?

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Really clean.

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This is still available, the headlight is actually an aftermarket plastic one and it may need a pedal axle, the price has been dropped to $250 because of this.

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bump before I continue the restoration myself.

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My offer still stands $200, I dont have work today and can drive down to pick it up. The drive down alone will cost me close to the $50 difference...

Not bad for a in peices maxi with parts missing.

Let me know, cash waiting

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