WTB- Moby stock cylinder

Anyone have a stock A or B cylinder you'd be willing to part with? Tore my exhaust threads, and the cylinder is not salvagable :(

The piston (and cylinder) are of course still perfect w/ exception of the fucking exhaust threads, so I only need the cylinder, not the piston.

Lemme know if you have anything, I'm looking for something in the $40 range if it's a used jug. Gonna have to port it again, so slow cylinders are not needed.


Re: WTB- Moby stock cylinder

i think i might, i'll go check... but, i got a really good new 50cc from ffredie, cheap...

Re: WTB- Moby stock cylinder

I have one. email me and ill dig it up.

Re: WTB- Moby stock cylinder

You wanna sell me the trashed jug so I can practice my porting skills?

Re: WTB- Moby stock cylinder

bump bump

I live in SF. I know one of you guys must've upgraded to 70cc parma recently, can't someone hook me up with their old stock cylinder?

I'll pay $35 for a regular' stock A or B.... $40-50 for an already ported fast cylinder that you don't need anymore.

Re: WTB- Moby stock cylinder

topherannosaurus rex /

i have two MarkRyan ported cylinders. i'd part with one for you.

Re: WTB- Moby stock cylinder

awesome topher. e-mailed. although it would be nice to get something in SF, anyone? last time.

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