two jawas for sale in tucson


i apologize that this ad is below the average "moped mentality" of all of you, but i cut and pasted my CL ad, so please bear with the details:

"The first is an'81 Slovakian-built Jawa 2-stroke 49cc moped. The model is "X30", and it is a "207" series. It is a 1-speed automatic, and is pedal-started. The odometer just turned 1,000 miles (original). The bike runs good, is in mechanically sound condition, and is legally registered to me. New parts include:

tires and tubes (w/ Slime tire sealant)

brake and throttle cables



spark plug wire

fuel valve and fuel line

fork dust covers

gear box oil change

gel seat cover


Upgrades include:

modified Dell'orto SHA 14.12 carb and intake w/ Uni pod air filter

custom-made Biturbo performance exhaust system

rear strut and saddle bags

With upgrades, the bike (which would do 30 MPH from the factory) will go slightly faster than stock at top end, as well as breath and sound better. This low-mileage moped had been sitting neglected for years, and a lot of time, energy, and love (not to mention money!) went into bringing it back from the dead. Although the Jawas are not that common, parts and info are available from many online sources.


The second is a '94 Jawa 210, and has the same mechanical features as the X30. This bike is all original, is super-reliable, and will do over 30MPH on flats. It features turn signals, a big comfy seat, and folding baskets. It is a very nice-riding moped. This bike is also legally registered to me. New parts and service include:

rebuilt carb

new air filter

lube and adjust cables and chains

new speedo cable

new headlight and signal bulbs


$625. for the pair."

Re: two jawas for sale in tucson

what why you sellin them

you not gonna be kevin mcjawa anymore

Re: two jawas for sale in tucson

i gotta thin out the herd. my girlfriend and i split up, and she gave me back her 210. i don't want it, and i will kick her down a little jack for it, even though she "gave" it to me (it was a gift to her that started me into mopeds).

mcjawa does sound much better that mcmotobecane (although mcmoby has a nice ring), mcfreespirit, or mchonda, ha, ha!

Re: two jawas for sale in tucson

Vlado vlado /

good luck, Kevin!


Re: two jawas for sale in tucson

the 210 is a keeper. i guess deep down, at $400., i knew i'd get no takers.

the 207 is still for sale, and actually a decent deal, IMO.

Re: two jawas for sale in tucson

Vlado vlado /

swap carbs to see if faster...

Re: two jawas for sale in tucson

unless i sell that 207 as-is this week, i was gonna do that this weekend.

that dell and pipe gives me more top end for sure, but really slow off the line (207 is slow off to begin with). also, takes awhile to get warmed-up. once warm, top end is awesome, and it idles much steadier that jikov, and runs strong. bogs low, though. i have mixed feelings about it performance-wise, but it's much easier to deal with for sure. i checked for leaks, did accurate plug chops, and all seems OK.

i am inclined to think that maybe for that motor un-tampered with, i might throw on a stock 14.1 in the future. maybe overbore is too much for stock engine? it's got the good top. but i think it just takes too damn long to get there.

unless i'm missing something in my tuning abilities?

ok, vlad--there's your update finally, ha, ha!

BTW, thanx for all the help and parts and etc. have a ball in slovakia!

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