WTB: Moped near South Central PA

Hey gang. My GF has the bug to ride with me, so we are looking for a moped for her. I'd like to find a Tomos, Puch, Peugeot 103, Motobecane, or maybe a Hobbit/PA50II - basically I'd prefer something that is easy to get a kit/pipe for.

Unfortunately, we are kind of "low budget" right now, and are looking for something fairly cheap. Since we are looking for something inexpensive, I don't mind getting something that needs work, so long as its not a total basket case.

Post or e-mail what you have and we'll go from there. Attach pics if possible. Please don't respond unless you are SERIOUS about selling what you have.

Thanks in advance!

Re: WTB: Moped near South Central PA

Perhaps you can post an idea of how much your low budget is going to allow, and if you're concerned about a title or not. You will be looking at $300 and up for a running bike on MopedCentral

Re: WTB: Moped near South Central PA

OK, max budget is about $400 right now (I know, kinda cheap, but we have a lot of once-a-year expenses happening right now).

Title, yeah, that is an issue. It would have to be titled, unless the seller was from Maryland or some other non-titling state, then I could work around it...

I checked the MC site, but haven't seen anything that "met all the requirements" (ie: cost, title, kittable)

Re: WTB: Moped near South Central PA

Monday mornings suck bump!

Re: WTB: Moped near South Central PA

Hey I have a 1980 Honda PA50II for sale. It is in pretty good condition. It is for sale for $250 and I live in south east PA near the DE, MD border. Let me know if interested.

Re: WTB: Moped near South Central PA

E-mail sent

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