80s (85?) Trac noped MUST GO THIS WEEKEND (NJ)

I've got a mid-80s (I think 85) Trac noped / scooter I need to get rid of. I've had it sitting around as a project bike for years, but keep getting distracted by other mopeds. It's a nice, large-framed bike, rather than some of the more petite scooters out there.

It wasn't running when I bought it, and I've never given it a serious lookover. I know it needs a new battery, and I'm assuming the carb could use a thorough cleaning. Most of these early-80s peds are pretty sturdy once you clean them up a bit.

Please take this one off my hands, as I have to move and can't manage to take all my peds with me. Even if you're just going to part it out, I'd rather not just have to haul it off to the dump.

MUST GO BY THIS SUNDAY. In Princeton, NJ, near the university.

Re: 80s (85?) Trac noped MUST GO THIS WEEKEND (NJ)

I guess it would help if I named a price :p

$100 and she's yours.

Re: 80s (85?) Trac noped MUST GO THIS WEEKEND (NJ)

Seat's torn, a little rust, but solid condition.


Re: 80s (85?) Trac noped MUST GO THIS WEEKEND (NJ)

somebody get this! i bet it could rip!

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