wtb: ssxl wheels, odds and ends

So I'm getting my taxes back soon... I want some stuff!

My wheels are shot. Missing spokes, etc. I'd like some mags, but I'll take any wheels in good condition. Mags for the right price, otherwise I'm not lookin to spend tooo pretty of a penny

Also thinkin about a new carb, phbg would be boss. 19mm? anybody?

Any other odds and ends that would make my bike faster and more reliable that you think I may need. I'm good as far as the pipe goes, but other than the pipe and the SHA 14.12 it's totally stock.

Speaking of my sha, it's like pretty much brand new, so if I get a new carb, and you want an SHA 1412, hit me up.

Not looking to purchase suuuper-soon, but relatively, just email me and we'll talk.

Re: wtb: ssxl wheels, odds and ends

i have a whole kitted ssxl (no carb) im looking to get rid of. lemme know if you have anything youd wanna trade for it...

Re: wtb: ssxl wheels, odds and ends

i dont know, my gold 7 stars are worth at least 100 to me. but that might not be the right price for you. just letting you know theyre out there

Re: wtb: ssxl wheels, odds and ends

My brother and I are rebuilding an SSXL and swapped the wheels out for mags. They're stock spoked...and I can't remember how nice they are. But they would be really cheap. We just need them gone.

I'll double check and get back to you.

Re: wtb: ssxl wheels, odds and ends

@craig, 100 bones for a pair of 7 star mags sounds very reasonable

@ben, cheap stock spoked also sounds very reasonable.

Waiting to hear from ya about the condition...

Re: wtb: ssxl wheels, odds and ends

@A-Ko, I sadly got nothing to trade except greenbacks. My ssxl is my only bike at the moment.

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